We are going to review NativeRemedies’ UTI-Clear. This product is meant to soothe and support the urinary tract through the promotion of “systemic flushing and toxin elimination”. The company also states that this product is safe for both adults and children, is gluten free, vegetarian, kosher, and lactose-free. Please keep reading this review if you are interested in learning more about this product and what it can do for you.




This product has these ingredients:

  • Buchu: which is a tonic and aids to help cleanse the urinary tract
  • Bearberry leaf: which is an ingredient that has been known to be a form of a traditional treatment.
  • Yarrow: acts as a soothing agent and also as a natural astringent.
  • Lemon balm: which is a natural way to support the immune system and overall health.
  • Oatstraw: is an ingredient which is meant to provide support to the immune system support.
  • St. John’s wort: which is known to support one’s mood.
  • Narrow-leaved purple coneflower: which promotes the immune system.
  • Bilberry: supports and aids to remove and eliminate the body’s toxins.


The recommended dosage depends on how old you are. For adults and children 15 or older, it is recommended for you to take 0.50 milliliters three times daily. Children between the ages of 10-14, you should consume 0.25 ml at least three times daily. Children ages 6 through 9 should only take one drop, and again it should be three times a day. The recommended treatment period is 5 to 7 days. You can either dilute this with a small amount of water or juice or drop directly into your mouth.

Possible Side Effects

You should first consult with your doctor if you are currently taking any medication, if you are pregnant or nursing, or know of an existing medical condition. Immediately stop using this product if you find your symptoms worsening and consult with your doctor.


One bottle is priced at $29.95 for two fluid ounces. There is currently a discount of over %30 if you purchase two bottles. Not only do you get a discount, you also get the third bottle for free.


The company provides a 1 year guarantee. Their requirements are that you should try the product for at least 30 days. If you are unsatisfied for whatever reason, you can return both used and unused bottles to the company within a year of the purchase date.

There are quite a few reviews for NativeRemedies UTI-Clear. Almost every one is positive. However, the last review for this product was well over a year ago. This can mean that there haven’t been many customers who have purchased this product recently.


NaturalRemedies UTI-Clear seems like a solid product. It has natural ingredients, a strong guarantee, and discounted prices. It should be noted there has not been a new customer review for this product since 2014. This may mean that this product is not as popular as it once was or perhaps that is does not live up to its claims. We always caution new customers to be wary of reviews that seem too good to be true on a company’s website.

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