Traditional Medicinal Cran-Aid is an herbal tea which the manufacturer claims helps in maintaining and promoting urinary tract health.  From our observation, the company behind this formula appears to specialize in herbal tea products. The producer says it is a tart and supportive product formulated by herbalists using herbs that have been traditionally used in supporting the urinary tract. We could establish that the company behind this formula has operational branches in Pennsylvania and California.


This product is derived from cranberry which the producer says has been loved as a healthy addition and food for many years. In this formula, the manufacturer alleges that their herbalists have combined cranberry with other herbs like uva ursi which have been traditionally used in supporting the urinary tract. We could not find the other ingredients that have been used in this product.


We did not find the daily dosage recommendation of Cran-Aid herbal tea. It has also not been stated whether it is suitable for children. It is recommendable to contact your healthcare provider if you are already on prescribed medication. It is expected that the instructions with how to use this product are on the packaging of the box.

Possible Side Effects

So far, we have not found any adverse side effects associated with the use of Cran-Aid. Since the manufacturer has not given the dosage recommendation for this formula, it is unclear if overconsumption can trigger adverse reactions. We also could not find out if this formula can be combined with prescribed medication. It is thus paramount to contact your doctor before using this formula if you have a medical condition.


We didn’t find the exact price of a pack of Cran-Aid weighing 32gm. However, the manufacturer offers free shipping for orders exceeding $45. There are also promotion codes whereby you get 15% discount on all orders. You can either call them to place your order or purchase directly from their official website, however, this product does not seem to have any way to purchase it online from their website. It does state, though, that if you sign up for automatic shipping you can save 10%.


The manufacturer either replaces or offers a refund for customers who aren’t satisfied with this product for any reason. To return an item, simply state the reason at the back of your packing slip and send it to the return address on your shipping label. there is no timeframe given for when you can return the product, only that it should be done as soon as possible.


Traditional Medicinal Cran-Aid may be helpful in improving the health of the urinary tract. This is mainly because it is extracted from herbs which have been used in the tradition to boost the urinary system. The money-back guarantee is also an assurance that this herbal remedy can be helpful. However, this formula has several downsides. First, there are no daily recommendations. Secondly, the manufacturer has not given a full list of the ingredients in this formula. Additionally, we could not find the exact condition that this formula is intended to treat. We believe there are better products out there for dealing with conditions that affect the urinary tract that are more open about their products.

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