This is an informative review that analyses UTI Clear thoroughly. We have researched this product extensively and we have concluded that this remedy is one of the most effective and most potent product when compared to similar supplements. UTI Clear has been developed by medical care professionals with the purpose of effectively eliminating urinary tract infections. It will fight the infection until it is fully treated, while also calming any burning or itching sensations and reducing the pain caused by UTIs. Continue reading to improve your knowledge regarding this product and how it can aid you in fully eliminating infections, as well as their symptoms.


The ingredients used in developing UTI Clear are natural, therefore they will treat the problem without causing unpleasant side effects. These compounds will help reduce urination frequency and discomfort, alleviate pain, calm any itching sensations and eliminate whatever causes the infection.

Here are the main ingredients:

  • Cranberry
  • Ligonberry
  • D-Mannose
  • Berberine
  • Uva Ursi


Consumers are advised to take 6 capsules daily until the infection is gone and the symptoms have disappeared. Consumers should take 2 pills in the morning, 2 in the afternoon and 2 in the evening, after meals. UTI Clear is safe to use long term in order to help the body fight off any future potential infections. In order to use the product for this purpose, the user is advised to administer 2 capsules on a daily basis.

Possible Side Effects

The label does not list any potential side effects and the manufacturer claims that the chances of experiencing adverse reactions are very low. The formula is constructed using only natural ingredients and unlike drugs with chemical additives, it should not cause any negative side effects that would endanger the consumer’s health.


The price per bottle varies on the package that the customer chose to order. There are multiple special offers that lower the cost depending on the number of bottles that are being purchased. A single bottle will cost $49.95. When ordering two bottles, the price for one drops down to $34.95 and the price continues to drop with the amount of bottles you purchase. The best value pack is considered to be the special offer for 6 bottles, as the customer will only pay the full price for 3 of them and receive the other 3 for free.


The manufacturer includes a strong guarantee and customers can benefit from a risk free 60 day return policy that gives them the opportunity to receive a full refund in exchange for any opened or unopened bottles.

Reviews offered by the existing consumers can be found on the product’s website and they seem to be entirely positive, thus reinforcing the claim that this medication is certainly one of the best.


UTI Clear is a natural supplement that is safe to use for extended periods of time without experiencing negative side effects in the process. The manufacturer backs this claim with a solid return policy that allows the user to return the product if satisfaction is not met, even if it has been opened and used. Due to the positive feedback that is being offered by existing clients who are highly satisfied with the product, we feel extremely confident recommending it as well.

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